So, I decided to do MY top 10 NBA dunkers of all time. This is just my personal opinion, and it was a very hard decision, leaving some good people off the list. I based it on game dunks AND contest dunks. These are in NO particular order, except for the obvious fact that Vince Carter is #1!!! Haha. Feel free to comment on who YOUR top 10 would be. *Criteria: Both in-game and contest dunks. Quantity and quality. Height, power, vertical…pretty much everything is taken into account*

Vince is a clear-cut #1 for me, and I would assume most of you…The dunk over Weiss, the 2000 dunk contest, his laundry list of posters and breakaway dunks…Vince is simply the best, and it is hard to imagine seeing anybody take his place anytime soon!

Kobe Bryant
Kobe may not have Vince’s hops or style, but he flat out knows how to dunk!! I think if Kobe had Vince’s hops, he would DEFINITELY be #1 on this list…But we’re not talking “ifs” in this post, so Vince is still on top. But with dunks over Yao Ming, Dwight Howard, David Robinson, Shaq(in practice, haha), and MANY others…Kobe is simply one of the best! Another thing I like about the Black Mamba is his ability do do insane dunks off 1 foot OR 2 feet with either plant!

Gerald Green
Gerald Green is the highest jumper the league has ever seen. He is probably the only player in NBA history to (legitimately) get his head OVER the rim multiple times! His alley-oop windmill alone gets him on this list, but he has plenty more that solidify his spot!

Ricky Davis
Ricky Davis is the man! The ONLY person in the NBA to EVER do an eastbay in game!! I literally could stop right there and put him on the list, but he has done more than that, obviously. The “OH SH*T” dunk on steve Nash, the putback dunk his rookie year with his head over the rim…windmills, 360’s, reverse 2 hand eastbays…Ricky Davis was always good for a few highlight plays and I have no problem sticking him in my top 5!

Jason Richardson
J-Rich is the only back-to-back Dunk Contest winner other than Michael Jordan(coming up) and Nate Robinson. He invented “The J-Rich”-style eastbay, going from the reverse side to dunk with his left hand! He had one of the smoothest windmills of all time, with his signature leg kick. When he was teamed up with Gilbert Arenas in Golden State, they were one of the most exciting teams in the NBA!

Michael Jordan
His Airness…Michael Jordan is the best player that ever lived, and close to being the best dunker, but not quite. He had the NBA in a frenzy during the late 80’s and 90’s with his incredible hangtime and fierce poster dunks. I know I’m not the only one who watched all the VHS tapes like “Michael Jordan’s Playground,” “Airtime,” and “Space Jam”!! Jordan definitely belongs near the top

Desmond Mason
Desmond Mason, if not for Jason Richardson, would be another 2x contest winner. His left hand eastbay in the 2003 dunk contest was NASTY! He also had a 2 hand eastbay at a charity event where he hung on the rim after that is one of my favorite dunks that few people know about! He also has a long list of game dunks as well.

Dominique Wilkins
The Human Highlight Reel, Dominique Wilkins. One of the most powerful dunkers of all time. His windmills looked like they could tear off the rim at any time. His 2 hand windmill is a thing of beauty. Vince Carter mentioned that as one of his favorite dunks. Just ask Larry Bird how nasty Dominique Wilkins was…Larry was one of MANY to fall victim to Dominique’s power dunks.

Shawn Kemp
The REIGN MAN!! Terrorizing rims all over the NBA in the 90’s. When he dunked on you, he EMBARRASSED you (“Lister Blister” dunk). Although he never won a dunk contest, he still had a few memorable dunks in them. But Kemp was definitely more about his game dunks, which were enough to land him in the top 10 because he was one of a kind with his hops and power…not to mention he had the best lob thrower, maybe ever, on his team in Gary Payton! And oh yea, i forgot, has anybody else EVER gotten dap from the person they just dunked on!!!??? haha

Blake Griffin
Blake Griffin is just a freak of nature! With lots of years left in those legs, he has already had enough highlight dunks to make for an entire career. Kendrick Perkins, Mozgov, Pau Gasol…They will all tell you! As he continues to build up his collection of jams, he can only better his legacy.

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