#10 Josh Smith’s “Tape Mistake”
To measure his STEPS, Josh Smith put a piece of tape down well behind the free throw line, and off to the side. The judges and fans, however, thought that he would actually be JUMPING from the tape. When Josh Smith took off from way in front of the tape, and just inside the free throw line, the fans and judges were left un-impressed…

#9 Birdman Failure to Launch
Nothing sucks the energy out of the arena like missing dunks…Case in point: Chris Anderson’s COUNTLESS misses in the 2005 dunk contest:

#8 JR Smith only getting a 45 on a Behind the Back
Ok, it took him a couple tries, but this dunk had NEVER been done at the time, and guys like Charles Barkley were doubting that he could do it..

#7 Nate Robinson’s Push-off Dunk Over Dwight
Some people might not be as disappointed as I am with this, but I absolutely HATE people (especially those who already have hops) pushing off someone’s shoulders to clear them!!! It’s pointless and as impressive as using a trampoline to dunk…speaking of that…he ALSO used a teammate’s back to jump off of…I know you’re only like 5’8″, but come on!!

#6 Fred Jones Perfect Score???
You could walk into 90% of the gyms in America and find at LEAST one guy who can do this dunk, but somehow, in the NBA Dunk Contest, it gets a perfect score??? Just baffling…

#5 The Dunk Wheel
The DUMBEST dunk contest gimmick of ALL TIME!! Making 2-foot jumpers take off of 1 foot, doing dunks from the 80’s that weren’t cool to begin with…Who the hell thought of this anyway??

#4 Shannon Brown’s BIG let-down
After a whooole lot of hype, letshonnondunk.com, crazy game dunks, and insane hops…Shannon Brown put on one of the most disappointing performances in dunk contest history by giving a lackluster effort and not even coming CLOSE to the expectations he had set:

#3 Kobe and Vince both one and done :/
Kobe won it in 97, Vince in 2000…Neither came back to defend their crown. Two of the most creative, spectacular, and popular dunkers of all time…Oh, what could have been if these two would have gone up against each other in 2001, when both were in their primes (athletically)…

#2 No LeBron…
After hinting at it for a long time, actually putting his name in on national tv, and all of the anticipation from millions of fans around the world….We will never see LeBron in the NBA dunk contest…

#1 James White and Gerald Green 2013 Flop
One of the most anticipated dunk contests of ALL TIME, featuring two of the most mythical dunkers the game has ever seen, left fans all over the world wishing for a re-do. James White FINALLY got to be in an NBA dunk contest, after failing to keep a spot on an NBA roster for much of his career. Dunk fans were going crazy, but White (Already 30 years old) failed to live up to the dunks he pulled off routinely in his younger years. Gerald Green, on the other hand, came up with one of the DUMBEST dunk contest choices of all time…Cutting down the net, and then failing to make a dunk that wasn’t even that cool to begin with…

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  1. Waytogo17 July 27, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    This is a good list. I’m not sure what order I would put any of these in. The James White one was a disappointment for sure. Lebron never doing it is way up there since he should have been the dunk contest heir to dr. j, jordan, kobe, vince, ect.. Personally for me since I came up during the age of Vince Carter, it always hurt he never did another one.

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