Dr. J was 6’7″, Dominique Wilkins 6’8″, Michael Jordan 6’6″, and so on…It wasn’t until Spud Webb came along that we got to see a legit, under 6ft dunker take the stage in the NBA dunk contest. Spud must have inspired a lot of kids back then, because we have seen a lot of crazy dunkers under 6ft since, and they seem to keep getting better! Here is a look at some of the BEST dunkers under 6ft (In NO particular order):

TDub: 5’9″

Porter Maberry: 5’5″

Spud Webb: 5’7″

Nate Robinson: 5’9″

Kadour Ziani: 5’11”

Sir Issac: 5’10”

Young Hollywood: 5’11”

James Justice: 5’9″

Jacob Tucker: 5’11”

Ra’Shad James: 5’10”

Area 51: 5’8″

Kroha: 5’9″

Troy McCray: 5’9″

Air Nigeria: 5’8″

Darron Claxton: 5’9″

Dominique Watson: 5’10”

Skywalker: 5’9″

Exile: 5’11”

High Rizer: 5’10”

Willie Rhoads: 5’11”

Oh No!” 5’8″

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