Getting boosted on a dunk in-game doesn’t happen often, but for some reason, these last few years have produced quite a few of them. Maybe they have happened more than we think, but the emergence of smart phones has just made access to video so much easier. Whatever the case, here are a few of our favorite “Boost Dunks” from over the years. Watch them all, and VOTE for your favorite at the bottom!

Victor Dukes:
This dunk has probably been the most “viral” of all of the Boost Dunks.

Javonte Douglas:

A video posted by dunkademics (@dunkademics) on

Hafid Yassin:

Jarrett Johnson:

Tyquan Scott:

Marcus Johnson:

Marcus Lewis:

Emmanuel Wimbush:

Gabe York:

Dirk Minniefield:

Ricky Davis:

Tom Chambers:

Who had the best "Boost" Dunk?

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