Jordan Kilganon 130 Dunks NEVER Done in the NBA Dunk Contest!!


Jordan “Mission Impossible” Kilganon has WOWED us with some pretty insane dunks these past few years, but ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY dunks that have NEVER been done in the NBA Dunk Contest!!?? That is BEYOND insane!!!
Charles Barkley and Magic Johnson, for many years, were saying that there were no more dunks left to do. Dunkademics, and other YouTube channels, then released videos with dunks that have never been done, featuring the best professional dunkers in the world.
The NBA quickly caught on, with players like Terrence Ross, John Wall, Zach LaVine, and Aaron Gordon incorporating “professional” dunks into their routines.
Now, Hoopmixtape has released what should be the LAST of these videos, which is Jordan Kilganon BY HIMSELF, doing 130 dunks never done in the NBA Dunk Contest. Enjoy:

ALso check out this video:

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