Who Had the BEST #DriveByDunkChallenge ??

It’s been almost a week since the #DriveByDunkChallenge started, and plenty of people have uploaded videos of themselves driving around, and dunking on people’s hoops. So who did the challenge best? We’ll leave that up to you. Here are some of our favorites:

Tyler Currie (@t.currie) created the challenge, and he drove around with us with some amazing results!

Jonathan Clark pulled off a double eastbay during his drive bys

Gilbert Arenas had my crying with this one:

#drivebydunkchallenge😅🚗🏀 #alijaharenas #1drivebySofar

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Chris Staples gettin in on the action:

Broken rim…

So we made it onto SPORTSCENTER 😂💀 @alex_musz19

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Over the car tho! lol

Over the car tho!!? 😂😂 #DriveByDunkChallenge Via @sheloveslatch S/O @t.currie

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Almost killed by a dog…

De’Aaron Fox:

#DriveByDUNKChallenge 😂😂😂

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