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The ULTIMATE White Men CAN Jump Mixtape!

Wesley Snipes, aka Sidney Deane, once said that “White Men Can’t Jump.” Well, we can officially put an end to the stereotype with the ULTIMATE White Men CAN Jump Dunk Mixtape! Dunkers include: Jordan Kilganon, Lipek, Smoove, Andrew Pickwell, Willie [...]

June 12, 2016 All Videos, Dunkademics Mixes

Guy Dupuy INSANE Dunk Session @ Venice Beach!

Guy Dupuy absolutely DESTROYING dunks at Venice Beach last week! [...]

April 24, 2016 All Videos, Dunkademics Mixes

50 Inch Vertical! Daniel Kabeya DUNKS!!

You saw Daniel getting his head OVER the rim, now see some of his dunks from the session we had with him last week! This dude has a TRUE 50 inch max vertical! Don’t believe me? Check it out: And [...]

March 13, 2016 All Videos, Dunkademics Mixes

HIGHEST Max Vertical in the WORLD!!?? Daniel Kabeya is a FREAK!

Daniel Kabeya may be one of the few people in the world with a LEGIT 50+ inch max vertical! Watch how he effortlessly gets his head above the rim, floating in the air like it’s nothing! [...]

March 11, 2016 All Videos, Dunkademics Mixes

5’11” Keifer Sykes Has CRAZY Hops!!

D-League Dunk Contest Participant, Keifer Sykes, has BOUNCE! Check out 5’11” Keifer Sykes’ Dunk Mixtape from college at University of Wisconsin Green Bay. ¬†Sykes is currently in the D-League, playing for the Austin Spurs. Watch 5’11” Keifer Sykes go head [...]

February 6, 2016 All Videos, Dunkademics Mixes

This 5’9″ Ukrainian Dunker is INSANE!

5’9″ “Kroha” from the Ukraine is ridiculous! Despite his short stature, this dynamite dunker throws down some serious slams! Watch him jump over multiple people (sometimes on top of each other) an finish with ferocity! Check it out: [...]

January 15, 2016 All Videos, Dunkademics Mixes

Nick Ross has BOUNCE!! Sick New Dunk Session!

Professional High Jumper, Nick Ross, showing off his INSANE athleticism with some beautiful slam dunks! [...]

December 28, 2015 All Videos, Dunkademics Mixes

Jonathan Clark INSANE 2015 Dunk Mix!

Jonathan Clark’s BEST dunks of 2015! This is after coming back from a torn ACL, and reconstructive knee surgery! He trained incredibly hard to get back to where he was before the surgery, and even hit some new dunks that [...]

December 3, 2015 All Videos, Dunkademics, Dunkademics Mixes

5’6″ Anthony Height Has BOUNCE!!

5’6″ Anthony Height JUST turned 17 years old and is already FLYING!! This was a dunk session he did with Chris Staples (You can see at the beginning of the video the HUGE height difference between the two of them!) [...]

November 8, 2015 All Videos, Dunkademics, Dunkademics Mixes

Doug Anderson is the BEST Game Dunker in Streetball!

Doug Anderson of the Court Kingz Streetball team is the BEST game dunker in streetball. His combination of size, hops, and power make him a LETHAL weapon on the basketball court. If he jumps, do NOT get in his way! [...]

November 3, 2015 All Videos, Dunkademics, Dunkademics Mixes