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Blake Griffin POSTERIZES Rudy Gobert!

Blake Griffin catches Rudy Gobert in no-man’s land, and dunks alllll over him! [...]

October 24, 2017 All Videos, NBA Dunkers

POSTERIZED!! Shawn Kemp’s Top 50 Dunks!!!

The NBA compiled a list of Shawn Kemp’s top 50 dunks (plus some honorable mentions), and I had no idea how BADLY Shawn Kemp OWNED Dikembe Mutombo!!! Dikembe can’t feel too bad about it though, because Charles Barkley, Jerry Stackhouse, [...]

November 27, 2016 All Videos, NBA Dunkers

Stromile Swift’s Top 20 Dunks in the NBA!!

Stromile Swift may not be the biggest name when talking about some of the nastiest dunkers in NBA history, but he had some straight up RIDICULOUS stuff back in the early 2000’s. His dunk on Tyrus Thomas might be a [...]

November 21, 2016 All Videos, NBA Dunkers

NBA Top 10 Plays From Saturday!

LeBron James, Dame Lillard, and Jonathan Simmons all throw the hammer down in Saturday’s Top 10 Plays in the NBA! Check it out: [...]

October 30, 2016 All Videos, NBA Dunkers

Every Dunk From Friday Night in the NBA!

Every single dunk from a loaded Friday night in the NBA! Which dunk was the best of the night? (I think I know your answer)… [...]

October 29, 2016 All Videos, NBA Dunkers

DeMar DeRozan FEROCIOUS Slam vs Cavs!

DeMar DeRozan started off the season with a 40 point game. Tonight, he decided to take to the skies with this ferocious jam through the Cavs defense! Check it out: [...]

October 28, 2016 All Videos, NBA Dunkers

Jonathan Simmons POSTERIZES Javale McGee! Shaqtin’ A Fool!

JaVale McGee only played 4 minutes tonight, but he sure made the most out of them! Jonathan Simmons, on the other hand, played a great game, and sealed it up with this MONSTER jam in the face of the Shaqtin’ [...]

October 25, 2016 All Videos, NBA Dunkers

All of LeBron James DUNKS From Opening Night!

LeBron started off the 2016-2017 NBA season with a triple double, and a few massive throw downs en route to a whooping of the New York Knicks! Check out all of LeBron’s jams right here: [...]

October 25, 2016 All Videos, NBA Dunkers

NBA Superstars FIRST Career Dunks! *Kobe, LeBron, MJ, Dominique*

Take a trip down memory lane, and watch the very first dunks of your favorite NBA superstars over the years. Everybody from Michael Jordan to Zach LaVine! Watch the entire video, and decide who had the BEST first dunk of [...]

October 25, 2016 All Videos, NBA Dunkers

Vince Carter and DJ Stephens Talking About DUNKS!!

The BEST dunker that the NBA has ever seen, having a conversation with the guy who has the highest recorded max vertical in NBA Combine history (46 inches), DJ Stephens, all about DUNKS! They are now teammates on the Memphis [...]

October 19, 2016 All Videos, NBA Dunkers