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Dunkademics Top 10 Dunks & Jumps of July 2018

That’s a LOT of bounce!! [...]

July 31, 2018 All Videos, Dunkademics

LEGITIMATE 50 Inch Max Verticals. Do They Exist!??

Does Daniel Kabeya have a LEGITIMATE 50 inch max vertical?? Who else might? [...]

July 12, 2018 All Videos, Dunkademics

The HIGHEST Jumpers in the Dunk Game! SICK Height Check Compilation!

Compilation of the HIGHEST jumps in Dunkademics history, including Reemix, Jonathan Clark, Daniel Kabeya, John Jordan, Jordan Kilganon, Lipek, and more! Who has the highest vertical?? Who gets their head the highest? [...]

August 27, 2017 All Videos

50 Inch Vertical!!! 5’10 John Jordan Hits HEAD on the Rim!!

5’10” John Jordan, D-League Dunk Champion, hits his HEAD on the rim with EASE at the Adidas Crazy Explosive event! He is right up there with Daniel Kabeya for highest max vertical!! I would love to see them have a [...]

June 18, 2017 All Videos, Dunk Contests, Dunkademics

Daniel Kabeya

Name: Daniel Kabeya AKA: (No Alias) Height: 5’11” Daniel Kabeya is a personal trainer from Canada, who recently started dunking to show off his AMAZING vertical leap! While many dunkers claim to have a 50 inch max vertical, Daniel is [...]

April 28, 2016 Dunker Profiles

50 Inch Vertical! Daniel Kabeya DUNKS!!

You saw Daniel getting his head OVER the rim, now see some of his dunks from the session we had with him last week! This dude has a TRUE 50 inch max vertical! Don’t believe me? Check it out: And [...]

March 13, 2016 All Videos, Dunkademics Mixes

HIGHEST Max Vertical in the WORLD!!?? Daniel Kabeya is a FREAK!

Daniel Kabeya may be one of the few people in the world with a LEGIT 50+ inch max vertical! Watch how he effortlessly gets his head above the rim, floating in the air like it’s nothing! [...]

March 11, 2016 All Videos, Dunkademics Mixes