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The BEST Free Throw Line Dunker of ALL TIME!

James White is the best free throw line dunker of all time! Here’s why: [...]

May 10, 2018 All Videos, Dunkademics

Revisiting the Last 15 NCAA Dunk Contests!

We are anxiously waiting for the NCAA Basketball season to start, so here is a video history of the NCAA Dunk Contest over the past 15 years. There have been some AMAZING performances, some huge upsets, and a few let-downs. [...]

September 20, 2015 All Videos, Dunk Contests, High School/College Dunkers

Height Checks! Getting Your HEAD Above the Rim!!

After Jonathan Clark almost got his entire head above the rim, I decided to put together a post of different dunkers trying to kiss the rim, or just getting as high as they can! Check it out and let us [...]

March 14, 2014 All Videos, Dunkademics

NBA’s Most DISAPPOINTING Dunk Contest Moments

#10 Josh Smith’s “Tape Mistake” To measure his STEPS, Josh Smith put a piece of tape down well behind the free throw line, and off to the side. The judges and fans, however, thought that he would actually be JUMPING [...]

July 27, 2013 Dunk Contests, Extras, NBA Dunkers

NBA Dunk Contest is SET! James White, Gerald Green, Terrence Ross, Eric Bledsoe, Jeremy Evans, Kenneth Faried!!!

FINALLY! A dunk contest to look forward to!!! JAMES WHITE and GERALD GREEN!!!! Not to mention Terrence Ross is crazy, Eric Bledsoe is a freak, Kenneth Faried “The Manimal”, and last year’s winner Jeremy Evans!! I AM EXCITED!!!!! Who will [...]

February 8, 2013 All Videos, NBA Dunkers

James White

Name: James White AKA: “Flight” Height: 6’7″ James White may be the best 1 foot dunker of all time…He is a living legend…He’s the kind of athlete who, if there was no video evidence, you would NEVER believe he has [...]

February 6, 2013 Dunker Profiles