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JUMP-OFF!!! Battle of the 50 inch verticals: JClark Vs. Reemix!!

Jonathan Clark and Reemix have a little Jump-Off during our dunk session on Tuesday in Bakersfield, CA. Both dunkers have amazing stories to go along with their jumping abilities. Jonathan Clark tore his ACL, and battled all the way back [...]

June 7, 2017 All Videos, Dunkademics

New Williams & Jonathan Clark Raw Dunks! INSANE Dunk Session!

Jonathan Clark and New Williams crushing a dunk session!! The mix got deleted due to copyright, so I decided to upload the whole session raw. Enjoy! [...]

May 3, 2017 All Videos, Dunkademics

Jonathan Clark INSANE Tomahawk Eastbay!!

JClark is a fool for this one!! [...]

April 22, 2017 All Videos, Dunkademics

Jonathan Clark New Dunk + Session Preview!

Jonathan Clark showing why he’s one of the BEST dunkers in the World!! [...]

April 19, 2017 All Videos, Dunkademics

Dunkademics 2016 DUNKS of the YEAR!!!

2016 was a GREAT year for Dunks!! Dunkademics was the official videographer of The Drew League this year, giving us PLENTY of in your face dunks, as well as the usual INSANE dunk sessions with dunkers like Jonathan Clark, Chris [...]

December 31, 2016 All Videos, Dunkademics Mixes

Young Hollywood & Jonathan Clark SICK Throwback Dunk Session *Raw Dunks*

Young Hollywood and Jonathan Clark throwback dunk session from a couple years ago. Haneef was having a good jumping day, and Jonathan was coming up with some funny/creative stuff. Check out all of the raw dunks right here: [...]

November 2, 2016 All Videos, Dunkademics

Throwback: SICK Jordan Brand Dunk Contest Dunks & Warm Ups *Raw Dunks* 2015

Myree “Reemix” Bowden, Lipek, Airdogg, Young Hollywood, Jonathan Clark, Smoove, Werm, Sir Issac, and more!! Check out the raw dunks from this Jordan Brand “First To Fly” event in Las Vegas last year. The setup was sick, and the dunks [...]

October 27, 2016 All Videos, Dunkademics

Jonathan Clark New “Flying Buddha” Dunk!

Jonathan Clark nails a new dunk, the “Flying Buddha,” where you toss the ball off your feet in mid-air in a “Buddha” pose, and then finish with a reverse dunk! Follow @Dunkademics and @JClarkTheJumper on IG and Twitter! [...]

August 8, 2016 All Videos, Dunkademics Mixes

Jonathan Clark CRAZY Splits Dunk Over 5 People!

Jonathan Clark doing his signature Splits Dunk over 5 people lined up horizontally! This session was sponsored by SilkySocks.com where you can customize socks, or other cool gear on their website or on the Silky Socks app! [...]

February 26, 2016 All Videos, Dunkademics

Eastbay With 15LB Weight Vest by Jonathan Clark!!

Ok, doing a between the legs dunk (eastbay) is hard enough with just your own body weight. Jonathan Clark has made this dunk so routine that he can do it while wearing a FIFTEEN lb weight vest!! Share this with [...]

February 17, 2016 All Videos