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AMAZING Dunk Show ft. Jordan Kilganon!! Craziest Dunk Show Ever??

Jordan Kilganon, Jonathan Clark, Isaiah Rivera, CJ Champion, and a LOT more!! Is this the craziest dunk show you’ve ever seen? Check out the highlights and drop your comments on youtube: [...]

July 1, 2019 All Videos, Dunkademics

Jordan Kilganon & Jonathan Clark SHUT DOWN “The Dunk Show”

The 2nd annual Dunk Camp wrapped up with an AMAZING show, put on by some of the world’s BEST Dunkers. Here is a mix of Jordan Kilganon and Jonathan Clark from the show, arguably the two best dunkers in the [...]

June 28, 2019 All Videos, Dunk Contests, Dunkademics

Jordan Kilganon & Jonathan Clark DUNK Session + Verticals!

Jordan Kilganon and Jonathan Clark measuring their verticals, and getting a little dunk session in at day 1 of Dunk Camp!! Check it out! [...]

June 25, 2019 All Videos, Dunkademics

Jordan Kilganon New York DUNK MIX!!!

All of Jordan Kilganon’s dunks from his latest trip to New York, bringing home $10,000 for winning the Battle In The Apple Dunk Contest! [...]

December 17, 2018 All Videos, Dunk Contests, Dunkademics Mixes

Jordan Kilganon 130 Dunks NEVER Done in the NBA Dunk Contest!!

Jordan “Mission Impossible” Kilganon has WOWED us with some pretty insane dunks these past few years, but ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY dunks that have NEVER been done in the NBA Dunk Contest!!?? That is BEYOND insane!!! Charles Barkley and Magic [...]

February 17, 2017 All Videos, Dunk Contests

Dunkademics 2016 DUNKS of the YEAR!!!

2016 was a GREAT year for Dunks!! Dunkademics was the official videographer of The Drew League this year, giving us PLENTY of in your face dunks, as well as the usual INSANE dunk sessions with dunkers like Jonathan Clark, Chris [...]

December 31, 2016 All Videos, Dunkademics Mixes

Increase Your Vertical Jump With Bounce Kit TODAY!

Want to Jump like Jordan Kilganon!!?? Here’s your chance: Jordan has created a vertical jump program, based on the exact training that he used to rocket himself to the top of the dunk game. BounceKit is a 12 week program [...]

November 14, 2016 Dunkademics

Jordan Kilganon Brings it WAY Back For the Elbow Dunk!

Jordan Kilganon hit us with the “Upside Down” dunk yesterday, and is back at it again with a slingshot elbow dunk! Not sure if all of you understand how hard this is, bringing the ball all the way back like [...]

November 1, 2016 All Videos

WATCH: Jordan Kilganon’s UNREAL New Dunk! How is That Possible!!??

Jordan Kilganon is at it once again! His newest creation? The “Upside Down” Dunk!! Too hard to explain in words; this dunk you just need to SEE to believe!! Check it out: [...]

October 31, 2016 All Videos

Jordan Kilganon Puts on a SHOW in Rio!!

After doing his viral “Scorpion” dunk at the NBA All-Star game last season, the NBA decided to bring Jordan Kilganon all the way to Rio for a special dunk show at the NBA House! Check out his amazing display right [...]

August 17, 2016 All Videos