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Vince Carter 360 Windmill Tribute! Sick Adidas Dunk Contest!

Chris Staples wowed the crowd with his Vince Carter tribute, but Reemix took home the championship, edging out Michael Purdie, Jordan Southerland, Lipek, and Jonathan Clark. Check out the highlights here: [...]

February 18, 2018 All Videos, Dunk Contests

Vince Carter and DJ Stephens Talking About DUNKS!!

The BEST dunker that the NBA has ever seen, having a conversation with the guy who has the highest recorded max vertical in NBA Combine history (46 inches), DJ Stephens, all about DUNKS! They are now teammates on the Memphis [...]

October 19, 2016 All Videos, NBA Dunkers

39yr Old Vince Carter is Still Windmilling! (VIDEO)

Vince Carter is almost 40 years old, but can still windmill with EASE!! VC STILL GOT UPS🐻 @jarred_owens @philip_norfleet A video posted by Alex Beis (@alex.beis) on Oct 1, 2016 at 4:46pm PDT [...]

October 15, 2016 All Videos, NBA Dunkers

Vince Carter Catches a SICK Reverse Alley-Oop!

Vince Carter is 39 years old, but can still throw down some pretty sick dunks when given the opportunity! Vince Carter dunks are a timeless American treasure https://t.co/Kc8qFEiFZy https://t.co/R1zJyWv7vT — SB Nation NBA (@SBNationNBA) March 3, 2016 [...]

March 2, 2016 All Videos, NBA Dunkers

AMAZING Toronto Raptors Mixtape! Tmac & Vince!

The NBA has released ANOTHER sick mixtape (edited by Nils Wagner of Hoopmixtape). This time it is a Toronto Raptors mixtape, featuring the likes of Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter, Damon Stoudemire, and Rafer Alston! Check it out! [...]

February 15, 2016 All Videos, NBA Dunkers

Vince Carter’s ULTIMATE Dunk Mixtape! OH MY GOD!!

NO WORDS…This is simply the BEST Dunk Mixtape of ALL TIME!! Vince Carter, ladies and gentlemen…buckle up! [...]

February 9, 2016 All Videos, Dunk Contests, NBA Dunkers

NBA Players Predicting VC to Win 2000 Dunk Contest

As you would expect, Vince was the heavy favorite. Allan Houston, Grant Hill, Rick Barry, Kevin Garnett, Kobe, George Gervin, and Shaq all going with Vince Carter to win the 2000 NBA dunk contest, with a few nods to his [...]

October 14, 2015 All Videos, Dunk Contests, NBA Dunkers

Vince Carter Gets Hung on Dunk Attempt

Despite some recent posts, stating the opposite…Vince Carter does NOT still have it like he used to… [...]

October 6, 2015 All Videos, NBA Dunkers

15 Years Ago, Vince Carter Did This…

The dunk that ruined a man’s hopes of getting to the NBA…That’s exactly what happened when Vince Carter took flight over 7’2″ Frederic Weis exactly 15 years ago, today. How much of that story is true is sketchy, but it [...]

September 25, 2015 All Videos, NBA Dunkers

NBA’s Most DISAPPOINTING Dunk Contest Moments

#10 Josh Smith’s “Tape Mistake” To measure his STEPS, Josh Smith put a piece of tape down well behind the free throw line, and off to the side. The judges and fans, however, thought that he would actually be JUMPING [...]

July 27, 2013 Dunk Contests, Extras, NBA Dunkers